6H Stranger Danger Online

6H Stranger Danger Online

In 6H we watched a video from the ‘Think you know’ website. The main character ( Becky) made some bad choices online by giving away personal information to someone who lied about their identity.
Here’s what we can do to make sure that this doesn’t happen to us:

1. If a stranger messages you don’t reply. Tell an adult.

2. Ignore any links from people you do not know.

3.  If you get a message which makes you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult, don’t reply and do not delete the message.

4. Do not share any personal information online. Be careful about sharing things accidentally ( for example by posting pictures of you wearing your school jumper with the logo on show).

5. Check your privacy settings and ask an adult if you are unsure.

6. Speak to a trusted adult if you feel unsafe. It could be a parent, carer or adult in school.

7. You could ring childline  if no adults were taking you seriously.

8. Some apps may have a button which you can press to report abuse.

9. Never agree to meet someone who you have met online.

We have certainly learnt lots from Becky’s mistake and we hope you do too!