Celebrating Science

Celebrating Science
This week we are celebrating all things Science. Every week, here at Calshot, the children have a dedicated Science lesson where they work hard and often make predictions, complete investigation and handle data.
However, this week the children are experiencing Science in a different way and are investigating new things.
Year 1 explored our outside space, hunted for mini beasts and classified creatures.
Year 2 made test tube rainbows with sugar water.
Year 3 made their own Mario Kart race tracks using magnetic force.
Year 4 created colourful models of the water cycle.
Year 5 experimented and created their own lava lamps.
Year 6 investigated the aerodynamics and how slight changes can make all of the difference.
Why not take a peek at our budding scientists at work…


Tanisha- It looks like magic but it’s not, it’s Science