Technology and the internet are wonderful things. The internet is a great way to explore the world if you have access to a laptop, tablet, smart phone or even a smart TV. The world is at our fingertips which is exciting but also involves an element of risk. Here at Calshot, we teach pupils how to safely handle technology and how to access the internet in a safe and appropriate manner, making pupils aware of the valuable resources available online as well as the possible dangers.

Whilst at Calshot, pupils develop an understanding of how technology works, explore the functions and capabilities of computers, laptops and tablets and prepare to become computer literate adults. This means pupils are taught how to successfully use technology within their daily lives and how to safeguard themselves whilst online. Understanding how to act when experiencing negative online interactions is at the heart of our Computing and PSHE curriculums and each year we use Safer Internet Week to reinforce these skills.

Whilst at school, pupils are always supervised when using technology, something which may be trickier to achieve whilst at home. This is why we teach pupils to stay SMART online.


If you would like to learn more about e-safety, we would recommend that you visit the following websites:

Well done to this Year’s E-Safety competition winners. Take a look at their fantastic posters and remember to use these helpful tips when you’re using the internet.

Olly (Year 1) Tanveer (Year 2) Benjamin (Year 3) Ava-Rose (Year 4) Evie-Mae (Year 5) Dylan (Year 6)

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