Frequently asked questions

What times are your morning and afternoon Nursery sessions?

Butterflies class (am) – 8.45a.m – 11.45a.m
Ladybirds class (pm) – 12.30p.m – 3.30p.m

Do you have before and after school childcare available?

Yes, CKs our Before and After School Club offers places before school and also after school for Reception – Year Six on a first come first served basis dependant on places available. For further information please contact the Main School Office.

Do I have to pay for school dinners?

No, school dinners are free for all Reception children.

Is Halal food available?

We offer a vegetarian option but unfortunately we are unable to offer Halal due to food preparation areas.

Do you have a food hygiene rating?

Yes, we have a hygiene rating of 5 – very good.

What if my child has an allergy or intolerance? Can they still have school dinners?

Yes, when your child starts school we will give you the information you need to set up your child’s School Grid account. This will allow you to view our menu (and all ingredients) for the week and choose what you would like your child to have each day.

Do you follow a phonics scheme for teaching letter sounds?

Yes, in Nursery the children follow the Letterland phonics scheme and learn one letter sound per week once the children are fully settled into Nursery. In Reception we follow the Jolly Phonics programme, and learn a new letter sound Monday – Thursday. This commences when the children are settled into Reception.

What if my child finds toileting challenging?

This shouldn’t be a problem, we regularly remind the children to use the toilet and go to the toilet at various points as part of our daily routine. We also have spare clothes available in school in case of accidents and you are also welcome to send in a bag of spare clothes for your child to be kept on their peg.

What happens if my child is finding the work too easy or too hard?

We spend the first weeks in Nursery and Reception getting to know the children. All activities are then differentiated to ensure children who require extra challenge are sufficiently challenged and any children who are finding things more difficult have activities that are adapted or additional adult support where necessary.

Do the children have reading books?

Yes, once the children have covered the 42 sounds in Jolly Phonics needed to blend sounds to read the children will receive a reading book that is appropriate for their ability. In addition to this we share a story with the children every day and the children have access to storybooks at all times in the classroom.

Do the children have homework in Reception?

Yes, when we start Jolly Phonics the children have a small amount of homework which reinforces the learning that has taken place in school and ensures the children have secure phonic knowledge.

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