Calshot Nursery has been successfully serving the local community for around 15 years and is now housed in a purpose-built extension to the original school building. A wide range of activities are offered to cover each aspect of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. These activities include:

  • Role Play Areas
  • Cooking/Taste testing
  • Small World Toys
  • Modelling and Construction
  • Sand and Water Areas
  • A variety of ICT Resources
  • An extensive range of books
  • A programme of regular phonics teaching

In particular, at Calshot Nursery we are proud of our well resourced, interactive outdoor play area, which allows us to take the classroom outside; providing equal learning opportunities both inside and out. Our outdoor area is also currently undergoing renovation to allow for an expanding range of planting and growing activities, with dedicated planting beds.

We believe that our Nursery provides the best possible foundation for any child, particularly those who are intending to continue their educational career within our Primary School. Children who attend our Nursery can expect to receive a high level of education which will engage them in an enjoyable learning experience, with high standards of behaviour and achievement.

‘I am really impressed with the standard of education at the Nursery.’ 
- Parent’s comment

‘I made lots of friends and my teachers are funny. I like them.’ 
- Child’s comment

‘The nursery teacher has always given constructive feedback regarding my child’s progress.’ 
- Parent’s comment

‘I love school, it has lots of toys.’ 
- Child’s comment