Coronavirus (Covid-19) Catch-Up Premium 2020/2021

Based on actual budget of: £19,268- 2020/2021


Targeted support will be provided to key pupils that have been identified as needing additional educational support, to make sure they make expected progress in each of the core subjects and phonics.

Pupils are identified through ‘Pupil Progress’ meetings each term based on Teacher Assessments and test materials completed. Ongoing assessment take place by class teachers to determine whether pupils are able to access the curriculum and when additional support is required. Most support is able to be provided by in-class teachers and in-class teaching assistants however when additional support is required pupils will be selected for targeted group work or 1:1 interventions in afternoon sessions. Impact will be measured by assessing progress achieved over the term between Teacher Assessments and progress achieved on assessment grids used in classrooms.


Group Support


T1 (SP)

EYFS and KS1 out of class intervention groups


T2 (IA)

KS2 out of class intervention groups


TA1 (AM)

KS1 out of class intervention groups (phonics)


TA2 (JP)

KS2 out of class interventions (maths)


TA3 (MW)

KS2 out of class interventions (reading)


TOTAL = £17,000



Online Subscription (Purple Mash)


Online Subscription (Marvellous Me)


TOTAL = £2,268


TOTAL: £17,000 + £2,268 = £19,268